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OUTLOUD artists share what abstract can do

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Photo by Wanda Jackson. Tory Cowles stands with her work titled “#585” in the OUTLOUD exhibit at Montpelier Arts Center.

Photo by Wanda Jackson. Tory Cowles stands with her work titled “#585” in the OUTLOUD exhibit at Montpelier Arts Center.

Published on: Thursday, April 11, 2013

By Wanda Jackson

A 12-member Washington metropolitan area group, the OUTLOUD artists, has a passion to share what abstract art can do: showcase open vistas of color, evoke feelings and moods, and spark the imagination.

Their works are being exhibited at Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel through April 26.

The OUTLOUD artists have extensive, diverse backgrounds in art, as painters, sculptors, teachers, educators, art therapists and designers. They have exhibited nationally as well as internationally.

Tory Cowles titles her acrylic and collage paintings with sequential numbers rather than “titles that define her works for viewers.”

“I want people to approach my work with an open mind and to respond without my interpretation,” said Cowles, who is interested in the visual interaction of colors and textures.

Cowles’ works explore conflicts such as spontaneity and discipline, and boldness and subtlety. Incorporating both extremes gives depth and tension to her art. She begins spontaneously and then views her work with a critical eye, often repeating that cycle many times in an attempt to produce a loose, complex, but fresh and integrated whole.

Bobbie Salthouse does “three-dimensional assemblages in which she combines monoprints, painted papers, bamboo and found objects.” She finds inspiration in the natural world around her and in many of her pieces “there are subtle landscape and natural elements.”

Featured artists also in the OUTLOUD exhibit are Amy Barker-Wilson, Judith Baldinger, Shaune Bazner, JoAnn Clayton, Jacqui Crocetta, Donna Grossman, Carol Jason, Donna McGee, Michiyo Mizuuchi and Roger Strassman.

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