Council remands concrete plant

UPPER MARLBORO – The Prince George’s County District Council remanded local company Ernest Maier’s application for a special exception for the construction of a concrete batching plant in Bladensburg back to the zoning hearing examiner on May 7.

In November, the zoning hearing examiner approved the application. Following that decision, community members filed exceptions to the examiner’s findings. According to the Order of Remand, “The District Council finds that the record lacks evidence to resolve Opposition Exceptions to the Examiner’s findings and conclusions to grant Applicant’s variances and special exception.”

Through the remanded application, the record is reopened “for clarification and additional testimony.”

Brendan Quinn, president of Ernest Maier, said that although the delay is a “costly step” regarding paying consultants and lawyers, he does not view the remand as a negative.

“It allows us to look at what deficiencies the council may have deemed or were brought up by the opposition, insofar as we can look at those deficiencies and hopefully eliminate those deficiencies,” Quinn said. “What we hope to do is we get the batching plant approved and make the improvements to the property, so we’re a better corporate citizen.”

Paul Howe, a spokesperson for Port Towns Environmental Action, a local group that opposes the construction of the batching plant, said, “It’s definitely a step forward. It just allows the whole thing to be examined more thoroughly. It’s good for the democratic process.”


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