METRO SERIES: A look into WMATA and the Metro system

Metro1SEABROOK – The Prince George’s and Montgomery County Sentinel newspapers employed approximately two dozen people during the course of a four-month span to personally inspect every Metrorail stop in both Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

The Sentinel Newspapers also filed approximately two dozen freedom of information requests, interviewed hundreds of workers, riders and, when possible, members of the Metro management team to get a complete picture of the status of the Metrorail system serving both counties.

Workers and riders easily offered their stories – as did independent contractors, members of government and consultants.

Metro Management denied nearly every attempt to be contacted and engaged. From the beginning, The Sentinel’s staff let Metro management know what we were doing and on many occasions requested tours, interviews and engagement. Most requests were denied.

The details of the investigation into Metrorail will be detailed in this five-part series. Our investigation touched on safety violations, infrastructure, construction, crime, and particular bottleneck problems on the Metrorail System.

Throughout the course of the investigation, The Sentinel documented any safety or health hazards the staff came across and will list all of the findings in a later issue. Findings range from something as minior as vegetation growing in the middle of a track, to more serious issues such as security gates being left open and alarms sounding with no personnel in sight.

While Metro Management did not comment on many things, The Sentinel stands by its findings.

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