WSSC sends recommended rate structures to counties for review

wssclogoLAUREL – Commissioners unanimously approved three rate structures for submission to Montgomery and Prince George’s County governments for review during the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s (WSSC) monthly meeting on Nov. 15.

“I hereby submit for review to the (Prince George’s and Montgomery counties) the three proposed rate structure alternatives from WSSC. Three-tier inclining block 3A and 3B and four-tier inclining block structure alternative 4A, as recommended by management,” WSSC Commissioner Fausto Bayonet said.

The commissioners chose between five rate structure options: one uniform structure, two three-tier inclining block structures, and two four-tier inclining block structures.

The three chosen rates, which were recommended by WSSC management on Nov. 8, include two three-tier and one four-tier inclining block structures.

Based on the three-tier structures:

For option A, customers would be charged $10.66 per 1,000 gallons (kgal) for a household using 0-80 gallons a day, $13.43/kgal for 81-165 gallons, and $17.61/kgal for everything more than 165 gallons.

For option B, customers would pay $10.41/kgal for using 0-165 gallons per day, $13.89/kgal for 166-275 gallons, and $19.96/kgal for usage above 275 gallons.

Under the four-tiered option, customers would pay $10.66/kgal for an average 0-80 gallons per day, $12.25/kgal for 81-165 gallons, $14.86/kgal for 166-275 gallons, and $18.74 for more than 275 gallons.

The Public Service Commission recently determined the WSSC’s current 16-tier structure, which the WSSC adopted 25 years ago, is unduly preferential to low-usage customers and therefore discriminatory.

In April 2018, the counties will make their recommendations to the commission, which will select the new rate structure in June 2018.

The chosen rate structure will go into effect July 2018 or 2019.

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