PGPD officer laid to rest after giving his life to save another

1LANHAM – Hundreds gathered outside of the Diyanet Center of America on Good Luck Road in Lanham to say goodbye and pray for Cpl. Mujahid Ramzziddin before he was laid to rest Friday.


Ramzziddin, a Prince George’s County Police Department officer, lost his life just two days earlier protecting a woman in a domestic violence situation.

“He lived his life giving and giving and giving,” Imam Talib Shareef said. “Any cause of good, is the cause of God and that’s one of the things that was said about our dear brother, this husband, this father is that he was a good man. He was doing good things.”

The ceremony at the Diyanet Center was one of kind as the public, through online feeds, and the police community was welcomed into the ceremony and mourned together. Police Chief Hank Stawinski, Ramzziddin’s son Eric Tyler and Shareef each spoke at the brief ceremony and talked of the corporal’s extraordinary life, dedicated to his religion and his calling as a police officer. Shareef called Ramzziddin’s life a victory because he served so well.

Tyler spoke of his father’s love for his wife and his father’s wish for Tyler to wash his body when he died. Tyler said he honored his father’s wishes and held his hand tight, saying he loved him one last time.

“My father was a great man. What he did the other day, goes beyond measures,” Tyler said. “He protected that lady and it cost him his life. Today my dad is a hero.”

Thousands of police officers lined Greenbelt Road and Bladensburg Road in Prince George’s County to salute the fallen officer on his way to Fort Lincoln Cemetery. Fire crews lined over passes and a dozen color guards lined the entrance to the graveyard. After laying Ramzziddin to rest, the family, police and the community gathered at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 89 in Upper Marlboro.

Ramzziddin died Feb. 21 after helping a neighbor woman in a domestic incident in a neighborhood near Chadds Ford Drive and Gillmore Greens Court in Brandywine.

There was a heavy police presence in two locations in Southern Prince George’s County that Wednesday after the officer-involved shooting at a residence in Brandywine led to a pursuit and shootout in Fort Washington.

“With broken hearts, we are announcing that one of our officers was shot and killed today,” county police said via Twitter. “The brave officer was shot while stepping in to protect a woman threatened in a domestic situation. Please keep his family and our department in your prayers.”

At 10:19 a.m. on Wednesday morning a neighbor came to Cpl.. Ramzziddin “pleading for help,” Stawinski said. Ramzziddin, who was off-duty at the time, responded to the domestic dispute in his neighborhood to protect a woman who was allegedly being threatened by her estranged husband.

During the dispute, the officer was confronted by Glenn Tyndell, the woman’s husband, with a shotgun. Police say Ramzziddin was shot five times and died of his injuries, according to security camera footage of the incident.

Stawinski described Ramzziddin as selfless, a hero, a veteran and a Medal of Valor winner. Ramzzidin was an only child, a husband and father of four. Both his family and the “entire institution” are grieving, Stawinski said.

“He led a consequential life, and he suffered a consequential death, but he saved her life by giving his own,” the police chief said.

Tyndell fled the scene after taking the corporal’s weapon. Officers followed through two jurisdictions. Officers stopped the vehicle on the Indian Head Highway near Fort Washington at Old Fort Road where Tyndell allegedly exited his vehicle and opened fire on county officers. Stawinski said forensics is still analyzing several bullet casings obtained from the investigation of the crime scenes. Tyndell was shot and killed by police. Stawinski said two of his officers were involved in the shooting.

Roads near both of the crime scenes remained closed for the majority of Feb. 21 with substantial police presence in both areas. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are assisting in the investigation.

Police said Tyndell had a history with the court system, laying out details of protection orders against him from both his ex-wife and estranged wife, who was the woman at the center of the altercation. According to court records, Tyndell had three open warrants and had a court date the week of the shooting. Tydell was arrested for violating a protective order in March 2013 and arrested for assault in September 2010.

Ramzziddi was a police officer for five years with the Metropolitan Police Department, he also for two years was a member of the DC Air National Guard and was with the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years.

“Ramzziddi (was a) hero, mentor, father, son, husband and by all accounts this man was doing everything in life right,” said John Teletchea, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 89 Prince George County.

Teletchea said Ramzziddi was a dedicated police officer and Muslim, who took time to mentor other officers and “selflessly gave of himself” to the nation, Marine Corps, and Prince George’s County.

Fire departments across the county and state lined overpasses as Cpl. Ramzziddi’s body was transported to the chief medical examiner in Baltimore, and the Capital Wheel in National Harbor was lit blue in his honor.

A vigil was held one week after his death at Cahdds Ford Community Center.

Jim Davis contributed to this story.


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