Renovations coming to Hyattsville Sunoco on East-West Highway

EWHwySunocoHYATTSVILLE — The corner of Belcrest Road and East-West Highway will look a little different in the coming months as the site prepares for redevelopment, but gas will still be the main feature.

The Sunoco gas station at 3599 East-West Highway is in the process of getting a makeover as the site owner and developer look to make the most of the corner lot. Plans for the renovated gas station came before the Hyattsville City Council on April 2 during a short presentation. The council will likely make comments on the proposal before it reaches the county planning board, but after the city planning committee takes a look.

“The applicant, several years back, had proposed modifications to the site and chose not to go forward,” said Jim Chandler, Hyattsville’s assistant city administrator. “The applicant is here this evening with some revisions to the site plan.”

Dan Lynch, the attorney for the owner, said the site was first developed as a gas station in 1961 and “hasn’t changed very much in probably the last 20 years.” Currently, a diamond-shaped convenience store sits at the center of the property with four gas pumps located to the northwest of the store. Access to the site is from both Belcrest and East-West Highway.

Lynch said the proposed plan for the site is to increase its functionality by making major modifications. Those changes include moving the convince store to create more room for pumps and increasing the total number of pumps to eight.

The new building will rest against the back of the property on the southern-most section of the property and will be built into two stories. The new structure will house not only a larger convenience store, but second story offices are to be used by the property owner. The new building will face East-West Highway and have parking directly in front of it.

Neither of the entrances to the station will be impacted.

The council, in general, had little questions about the plan, though Mayor Candace Hollingsworth said she is hesitant to approve a plan that encourages more cars.

“Of course it is a gas station, so people are coming in cars, but doubling the capacity there - I just wanted to raise it as a point of information for colleagues just for awareness that that is increasing the capacity at this particular location,” she said.

The council will likely vote on the proposed plan in May.  


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