Goldson announces appointments to Executive Leadership Team

PGCPSSEABROOK – On July 31, Dr. Monica Goldson, the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), has officially announced appointments of the staff to the Prince George’s County Public Schools executive leadership team.

The appointments include Dr. Kara L. Miley-Libby as Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Douglas A. Strader as Chief Accountability Officer, Dr. W. Wesley Watts Jr. as Chief Information and Technology Officer, Dr. Helen Coley as Chief of School Support and School Leadership, Dr. Gwendolyn Mason as Chief of Special Education and Student Services, and Christian Rhodes as Chief of Staff.

“Howard Burnett, a former Chief of Human Resources, has rejoined PGCPS as Acting Chief of Human Resources. Dr. Watts and Chief Information Officer Youssef Antar will continue serving in their current roles until the Chief of Operations position is filled,” PGCPS said in a statement. “Searches for chiefs of Communications and Community Engagement, Operations, Human Resources and Finances will begin this week.”

“We remain focused on academic excellence, a high-performing workforce, safe and supportive environments for students and staff, family and community engagement, and organizational effectiveness,” Goldson said. “Our Executive Team members will implement this work to realize our vision of preparing all students for college and careers in a global society.”

These appointments have come two weeks after Goldson’s decision to eliminate 20 executive level positions from the central office. With significant transitions of leadership occurring within the school system, the question of loyalty was mentioned by PGCEA President Theresa Dudley.

“Let me just say that I trust that Monica Goldson has her heart in the right place about running our school system, and her experience and the working relationship we have had with her over the years has been a good one,” Dudley said.

“I do have some reservations concerning the ability of some of the staff members, the administrative staff, in following her lead, but I believe that will be up to her to ferret out who is loyal and who is not, to moving our school system forward.”

The PGCEA president continued, noting that the Interim CEO has her work cut out for her: from the problems that have trailed from the previous administration under Dr. Kevin Maxwell. Due to the issues that have continued to plague the county year after year with the need for better working conditions, the financial strain that comes with over-assessment, and balancing a budget that can accommodate to the individual needs of all students.

“I do think that Monica’s role is to stabilize the school system and make sure that the morale is bringing people back,” Dudley said. “We had a lot of people leave the school system this year with all of the mess that was going on (during the previous administration).

“I think the other role that she’s going to have is working cohesively with the Board of Education because she now sits in that seat, and how she empowers that board to be involved more in the decisions with citizens involved and stakeholders involved, and what’s going to be good for PGCPS so that our schools, which are the lynchpin of our economy, can continue the work that we do.”

And yet, a sense of hope and optimism is arising with the introduction of a new administration.

Communications Officer Raven Hill believes that Goldson’s executive team “will be the team that will allow the school system to focus effectively on our vision and mission.”

“Dr. Goldson has assembled a diverse team with variant experiences in public education, both inside and outside of Prince George’s County Public Schools,” Hill said. “We remain committed to the vision and mission. We want parents to know that we are keeping students first and foremost in our decisions and initiatives, and we’re looking forward to a great school year.”

County Executive Rushern L. Baker III has also backed support for his appointee.

“I am sure that under her leadership, that we will start a new chapter in the history of our school system,” Baker stated when announcing Goldson as the appointee for Interim CEO.

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