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Hyattsville column for Jan. 31

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Peggy Dee

Published on: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

By Peggy Dee

Special Olympics

At City Council’s meeting Jan. 22, Susan Holland and her daughter, Desiree, were honored for their work with Special Olympics, athletic games for persons with special needs. On Saturday, the Eastern Shore Police Emerald Society sponsored a polar bear plunge at Sandy Point to raise funds for this worthy cause. Our own police chief, Doug Holland, has also been known to participate in these annual plunges. Brrrr! These people are much braver than I am.

Pinsky praises long-time Hyattsville business

State Sen. Paul Pinsky, of the 22nd legislative district, has distributed his winter report. He mentions several pertinent topics the General Assembly will be facing in the current legislative session. In the report, the senator salutes our city for the beautiful improvements that we have made to Route 1. He congratulates the EYA for their building of urban-style residential units and acknowledges the 20-year anniversary of Franklin’s Restaurant and General Store. Mike and Debbie Franklin assumed a risk and were successful. Personally, I have always loved eating at Franklin’s. It also is a political gathering spot, where we watch the election returns.

Scholarships for local students

Sen. Pinsky also reminds us that there are financial scholarships available for students who live in the 22nd legislative district and plan to attend a Maryland college. If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please call Pinsky’s office at 301-858-3155.

Stay alert

I bring to your attention an incident that happened to a good friend of mine, while she was shopping at a local supermarket. There were two male shoppers standing near her, and one picked up a product from the frozen foods section and told her that he just had an eye operation. He asked her to read the label to him, and while she was doing this, the second gentleman stole her wallet. Please be careful, everyone, and be aware that these things are happening. Unfortunately, senior citizens seem to be easy prey. Perpetrators will use methods to divert your attention.

Hyattsville history: 1964 

When the new Regional Library opened on Adelphi Road, many residents were afraid that Magruder Library, on Farragut Street, would close. Responding to the problem, the Women’s Community Club of Hyattsville requested that a committee be named to investigate. Appointed were Councilman Sylan Deitz, William Hendrix and Jeremiah Harrington. Deitz toured the Magruder facility and found only the first floor was being used as a library. His impression, as reported to the committee, was that books and materials had been removed in order to stock the new regional facility on Adelphi Road.

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