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Student poem: Unknown Outsiders.

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Published on: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unknown Outsiders.

Strangers at day, companions at night.

One always wanting to ignite the discussion.

But always concerned of the repercussion.

Secretly dating, publicly hating.

Always anticipating.


Mixed emotions and hidden feelings.

Moods set, but soon to be forgotten.

The day is heading like a wave,

But no one is ever brave to confront the fact —

The fact that thoughts roam through our dried minds,

Images are hidden behind the blinds.

Eye contact made brings back the thoughts of the night.

But it’s also a form of saying “hi”.

Then it makes a course of mind games.

That exclaim the truth — that we are


One who is trying to keep the relationship hidden

As if it’s forbidden.

The other opening every door she gets to make it known,

But always pushed back by a wakeup call.

The call to inquiry,

The call to reflection,

The call to confessions

That lead to disconnections

And redirects us back to,


People with different beliefs & expectations,

But absolutely no relations.

I wonder if we ever met, if we connected.

But that will always be our cling of being


Being unknown to the world,

Unknown to our peers,

Which we always fear will eventually disappear.

That’s why we remain as,


Ewaoluwa Ogundana

James Madison Middle School, 8th grade


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