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Celebrity Stylist Barry Fletcher on Hair Loss, Part II

It was previously mentioned that some drugs do contribute to hair loss. However, the nature of some drugs has been used to promote hair growth by certain researchers. One diuretic that is commonly use ...

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[ "" equals ""] Celebrity Stylist Barry Fletcher on Hair Loss (part I)

Celebrity Stylist Barry Fletcher on Hair Loss (part I)

Many people associate hair loss with aging, to some, this seemingly uncontrollable malady brings with it a measure of fear. This is understandable when, in this age, youth, health and vitality are ass ... Read More

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Can an Unmarried, Childless Woman be Happy... Really?

 Readers, I need your help with this one …A curious reader wanted to know based on majority of opinions, “Is it really possible to have a professional career as a single, childless i ... Read More

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Farewell, Prince George's

By Erin Klema In 2010, I began reporting Prince George’s County news for The Sentinel. Over the past three years, it has been a pleasure to serve as managing editor and to see the county progre ... Read More

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Washington Post deal buys Amazon CEO NSA data

The new owner of the Washington Post, Jeffrey Bezos of Amazon, has stated publicly that the Post will be a stand-alone business, separate from the company of which Bezos is CEO. I believe the statem ... Read More

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Make It In America starts here in Prince George's County

I am proud to represent Maryland in Congress for many reasons, and one of those continues to be our state’s role as a national model for how to attract the skilled jobs that strengthen and expan ... Read More


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