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Parent Pointe: FAFSA and furious

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Published on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

By Dr. Anita Naves

Most parents, who have students preparing for a college education, may already know that the challenge of searching for federal financial aid or educational grants can be quite overwhelming. 

The process can seem like an endless cycle of frustration, especially when trying to unravel and navigate the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. One mistake on that application can drastically set your process back. And, this is what you absolutely do not want to happen. Time is always of the essence when trying to obtain viable resources that could aid your student in his or her higher education. Humorously speaking, sometimes the process of finding and obtaining viable financial aid resources requires a full time “administrative” team — a team inclusive of all family members who can talk, write, make phone calls, organize papers, read and comprehend.    

The “one” all important question for  most parents is: how to properly submit the FAFSA form and/ or how to apply for Federal Student Aid?  Well, guess what? Your answer to these questions are about to be revealed. With a little help from your Parent Pointe columnist, I will soon be attending a free seminar hosted by Prince George’s Community College, as part of College Goal Maryland 2013. For those who may not be able to attend, I am going to gather all the information I can, and bring it back to you “gals and guys” to be read in our February column! 

So get ready to ease your mind, as we unravel and navigate the FAFSA process together. As parents and students, may this be our new year anthem, when it comes to seeking financial aid and submitting adequate applications: “We will not be defeated! We will not be overwhelmed! Our applications will not be returned to us! And yes, we will get that “free” money!  Hopefully, this is enough encouragement to last you until we meet next time. Right here.

Until then, keep searching, keep gathering information and motivating your students to be the best that they can be in school. Continually remind them that with good grades, good behavior, good attendance and intelligence, these are key components that can aid them in acquiring an abundance of “free” financial aid. The more the merrier — because it is always better to have more aid than necessary, than to not have enough, to aid in completing those visualized dreams of becoming a picture of one’s higher educational goals.

Parent Pointe is written by Dr. Anita G. Naves, a local educator, author and award-winning humanitarian.

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Posted By: Charmaine Franklin On: 10/3/2013

Title: Parent Pointe: FAFSA and furious

This article discusses the author's intended attendance at a forthcoming free seminar and the follow up information gained thereafter. Was the follow-up data ever published? I searched but could not find anything.


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