Former Northwestern basketball star moves closer to home

BOWIE – Saiquan Jamison said he would rather grab 20 rebounds than score 20 points any day.

Many kids want to score the ball and finish with the most points. However, Jamison has found success in his rebounding prowess.

“In the NBA, I would compare myself to someone like (the Cleveland Cavaliers’) Tristan Thompson, but a little more versatile,” Jamison said. “I can do more than just rebound. I feel like if I rebound well, points will come my way because my teammates will see me working my tail off and will reward me.”

Jamison credits a lot of his success to Everyone Deserves A Shot owner Ricky Goings, who runs an academic planning program that focuses on assisting potential college students with the college acceptance and financial process. Goings’ mission is to give as many kids as possible a chance to go to school by exposing their talents to college coaches.

“(Goings) pretty much took me under his wing and it was a wrap from there,” Jamison said. “He has talked to me on a regular basis about college coaches’ mindset. I used his knowledge to my advantage when it came to making decisions.”

Last season, Jamison finished his first college season at the University of Mount Olive. He started 23 games and averaged eight points and eight rebounds-per-game with a game-high of 19 points.

“My experience there was a bit shaky in the beginning. I just had a lot of bumps and bruises,” Jamison said. “As a team, we didn’t start off well. We lost games that we should have won. I built relationships with a few guys that will now be lifelong friends. It was real tough for my parents, who had to drive six hours to see me play.”

Last month Jamison announced he would be leaving Mount Olive to transfer to Bowie State University. Bowie State offered Jamison a partial scholarship last year, but he was hoping for more.

“My job was to make sure my parents did not have to spend large amounts of money (to see me play),” Jamison said. “There is nothing like being home and playing in front of family and friends.

“As soon as I come in I will be eligible to play and I think I will fit right in. Everyone is cool and they enjoy the motor I have. It will be a fun season.”

Tyrell Slade, who played with Jamison in the fall league at Northwestern High School, said Jamison was always about business.

“He is a good person to be around,” Slade said. “He is funny and was always cracking jokes, but when it is time to ball he was locked in and it was straight business for him.”

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