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Student poem: Me and the Down-Keepers

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Published on: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Me and the Down-Keepers

I want to live up in the high

Where nobody can compete with me

But, some sun-slappers pull me down

I want to give it a try

Where I can experience new things

But, some folks pull me down

I want to do my best

Where I can reach to the top

But, some back-biters pull me down

I want to go beyond this Earth

Where I can find myself

But, I don’t know the reason why

I don’t know how to be successful

I don’t know how to be helpful

I don’t know how to be wonderful

And, now I am being fooled

I am being fooled by those people who pull me down

And, now I am crawling down

I think I found the answer-“myself”

I think my answer is helping me to climb up

It’s helping me to reach to the top

Because I want to be successful

And, I want to become a role model to everyone

And, I want to be helpful to someone

And, I want to become a rescuer to someone 

So, I can become wonderful to everyone.

Tejaswi Pandey

Greenbelt Middle School, 8th grade

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