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Student poem: The Way

The Prince George's Sentinel celebrates National Poetry Month

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Published on: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Way

Dedicated to Alejandra Farias

It’s the way her eyes light up as

The ends crescendo,

Her red cheeks accenting her smile;

A crescent moon when I propose to conform

Our lives with the brightest star

On the earth for the brightest in the sky.

And later that night while we lie side-by-side,

Her head rests against my chest

As she taps it, perfectly copying each pulse

She feels between my breaths.

It’s the way she presses her lips together just

Before they caress mine.

“So divine!” My heart screams and my

Mind now a scrambled puzzle and my

Stomach, now, doing flips.

I try to recollect myself before I trip

Over my words, but before what

I need to say can be heard, she whispers,

“I love you.”

Her words, stolen from my lips,

Send me flying like a bird.

But before I take flight

I tell her the same so

She can soar with me as we

Dream tonight.

Bradley Roar

Laurel High School, 12th grade


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