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'Threads' that bind

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Photo by Wanda Jackson. Rania Hassan’s “Ktog (Knit Together).”

Photo by Wanda Jackson. Rania Hassan’s “Ktog (Knit Together).”

Published on: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

By Wanda Jackson

Artist Rania Hassan uses knitting and painting to explore “connections found in everyday experiences” in her exhibition “Threads” at Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel through Monday.

“Threads” features 15 works using fiber, oil and wood.

“I am fascinated by the connections we find in our everyday experiences,” stated Hassan in promotion material about her mixed media work.

“How do we think of our place in this world? How do we fit in it? My work is about levels of connectedness. I paint, draw, and knit to represent these moments. We are all connected somehow.

“This series started because of my fascination with knitting, love for painting, and intrigue in the community I’ve found online with knitters from around the world.

“I think about how it links me to my mother, her mother, and all the generations of women who came before them.

“The fingers in the pieces are my own, and the knitting is all free formed while in transit.

“In the needle, yarn and finger movements, I explain how the act of knitting connects us to our community and generations past,” Hassan stated.

Hassan has exhibited her work throughout the Washington metropolitan area and is a 2008 recipient of the DC Commission for the Arts Artist Fellowship Award.

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