GLEN ECHO: Join Adventure Theatre this Sunday, May 2, at 2PM ET to celebrate API Month with a Storytime reading of Start with a Spark, with author Patrick Lord and illustrator Nitya Ramylogan. Follow the journey of a very special little Spark as they discover that inspiration can be found all over the worldand can mean many things and take many forms. Exploring science, art, and the cultures and wonders of our planet, Spark learns and grows and helps readers find their own path. This adventure invites you to see the familiar and new, and leaves you with your own spark of inspiration to do something great. Storytime at Adventure begins at 2PM ET on Sunday on Facebook-live!

Executive Team, Leon Seemann, Margo Brenner Collins, and Chil Kong are excited to continue last year’s tradition with an all-new lineup of API Storytimes, interviews, and digital presentations. Says Kong, “Patrick and Nitya are a perfect example of the impact that the work of artists of diverse backgrounds have on children and families. Their book exemplifies how with a little inspiration, anyone can do amazing things—a self-evident truth that we need to to stop overlooking and remember in everything we do.”

Storytime at Adventure will premiere free on Facebook-live on May 2, 2021 at 2PM ET. For more information or to donate, visit or call 301-634-2270.


Adventure Theatre MTC educates and inspires new generations of theater artists and audiences with exceptional theatrical experiences.


Patrick is a designer, educator, and creator who has been making art for the past 10 years. He lives in Washington, DC with his dog, Bandit, and he spends most of his time creating projections, video and animations for theatre and live entertainment. He has designed numerous world premiere theatre productions for young audiences at The Kennedy Center, and beyond as his work has been seen all over the country. He has made a living telling stories, and being inspired by them.


Nitya is an illustrator, yoga facilitator and educator living in Washington, DC. She teaches and learns from children, whose sensitivity and imagination inspire her work. Her illustrations for the bilingual children’s book, A New Life in America, have been used by public school teachers around the country and were featured in Newsweek. Having studied foreign service atGeorgetown University, Nitya is a mostly self-taught artist, who enjoys spending her free time making things with her hands and exploring new places.

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