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Photo by Tyler Buzzy

Senior Ryan Kunst, one of the four new Grillmasters, flips hamburger patties before the homecoming game.

With the 20th anniversary of the BBQ club’s founding this year, the grillmasters have high expectations and ideas they want to pursue this year. This year’s leaders are trying their best to keep the things that worked from the past years of the club, while also trying to differentiate themselves by buying new grills, getting confetti and different face paints for games, providing snacks and desserts and hosting backyard games such as corn hole at the tailgates.

What’s your favorite thing about being a grillmaster?

Grillmaster Mace Berk: I like to come up with new ideas to help get people to games and ensure they have the best football gameday experience.

Grillmaster Evan Lewis: I love seeing members’ faces after they try my food.

Grillmaster Ryan Kunst: I love supplying the fans with great burgers and dogs.

Grillmaster Kaitlin Mariani: I like to hang out with fans at the tailgates and help them with face paint.

Grillmaster Allie Museles: I like the grilling aspect the most and the thrill of trying to cook perfect burgers every time.

What’s one new idea you want to implement at games?

MB: A VIP BBQ Club where you pay a premium for steaks and chicken to be grilled before games.

EL: A set of push ups for all the people with letters painted on after every touchdown.

RK: More tailgate activities like Kan Jam and Spikeball so more fans can be have fun with the games during tailgates.

KM: I want to grill at other sports and increase fan sizes at all the games.

AM: I want to see the club continue in the winter and spring because basketball and lacrosse games get large turnouts and could benefit from a pregame tailgate.

If you could grill one thing at games besides burgers and hot dogs what would it be?

MB: I think s’mores would be a unique dessert that would pair well at games.

EL: Filet mignons would be an innovative tailgating item.

RK: Sausages and steaks would be really fun to grill.

KM: I think it would be cool to try and grill different seafood like crab, shrimp, or even lobster.

AM: Chicken and steak would be fun to grill and adding vegetarian options would add a lot of variety.

What’s one goal you have for the club this year?

MB: I want the final home game to be standing room only in all sections of the bleachers.

EL: I want to make the greatest burgers in the history of tailgating sports events.

RK: My goal is for our club to have the most spirit this year.

KM: My goal is to have packed stands with all the students heavily participating and going all out for the themes.

AM: I want to make this club the best in everything that we do whether it’s coordinating themes, making the best food, or getting the highest game attendance.

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