WASHINGTON, DCThe glowmedia project and Charley Bear Productions reveal their platform for their public service campaign, Creatively Coping with Covid. Directed by Angela Cohen and starring teens from across the United States, this public service campaign challenges teens nationwide to use the arts as a means of coping with the stress, anxiety, and fear associated with Covid-19.

Watch the PSA, Creatively Coping with Covid

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Glow Media Project

Creatively Coping with Covid encourages today’s youth to embrace healthy coping skills, especially through creativity and art therapy. Teenagers nationwide, across socioeconomic lines, relate via their struggles and ultimately through their self-expression.

Although Covid-19 has affected people of all ages, the teen population has been hit very hard with school closures, enforced social distancing, and family issues, cutting off many teens from their traditional avenues for mental and social support. According to the Washington Post reporting on information from the CDC, “From Mar 2020, when the pandemic was declared, to Oct 2020, mental health emergency room visitation was up 31% for ages 12-17 years old compared with the same period in 2019.”

“These numbers show a struggling generation, but the art tells a more hopeful story,” says Trish Glowacki, Founder and Executive Director of the glowmedia project. “The resilient teens highlighted in the PSA share their disappointments and challenges along with the positive and creative ways they have taken care of their mental health during the pandemic. ”

See Creatively Coping with Covid streaming online on KLCS  and glowmedia.org. Additional resources on teen mental health are available through the glowmedia project’s website.


With over 1 million views of its films, the glowmedia project educates youth, their families, and educators in an effort to reduce stigma, correct misconceptions, and reinforce the reality that mental health affects everyone.


The mission of Charley Bear Productions is to create a shift in perspective, leading to social change, by telling unique and diverse stories showcasing the female voice.

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