Many students have theories about the personalities of their teachers outside of the classroom. Although, them being a part-time Nazi is that last thing many would expect. Gregory Conte, a former substitute teacher at our very own Quince Orchard High School, is in fact, a Nazi. While Conte was not a full-time teacher, he still had a burgeoning presence throughout the school from when he taught, during 2013-2018. Not only did he teach, but graduated alongside the class of 2007, even obtaining the title of Editor-in-Chief of The Prowler his senior year. 

Conte, operating under the alias Greg Ritter online, was the director of operations at the National Policy Institute, led by vocal white supremacist Richard Spencer. His online presence was widely known on Twitter and Spencer’s Altright.Com website. It is on the website in which Conte discusses his attendance to the infamous Unite the Right white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia back in August 2017, where a counter-protestor was run over and killed. 

The Prowler previously ran a story about Conte in the February 2018 issue, when his affiliation with the Alt-right first came out and was subsequently fired from his substitute teaching position at the Academy of Holy Cross. Many students and faculty members who interacted with Conte announced their surprise when the news came out, describing the likeable presence he held throughout his tenure. He even became a topic of parody for a skit at Putting On the Hits (POTH) while he was a substitute at QO. 

Conte was a student at Quince Orchard as well, attending from 2003-2007. He was a member of The Prowler and assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief during the 2006-2007 school year. Conte was known for his recurring column, Conte’s Corner, where he would give his opinion on political and social issues, ranging from complaining about cliques at school to criticizing decisions made by the national government. Conte had an infatuation regarding Russian politics and culture, even going so far as to attend classes and school events dressed in soviet uniform. This near-obsession can be recognized within his writing, with multiple articles divulging into his approval of the Russian government and how the United States should follow in their footsteps. 

“He was a pretty radical guy,” social studies teacher Penny Keune said. “It did not surprise me [that Conte went down an extremist path].” Keune worked alongside Conte many times as teachers at Quince Orchard, and she was even a teacher while Conte attended the high school as a student.

“He wasn’t quiet about [his opinions], I mean these were things he believed,” Keune added. She continued by saying that Conte “wasn’t lying to people” about his admiration for Russian culture and his dismay towards the United States Government throughout his time in high school. Though Keune did remark that to her knowledge, Conte never directly lambasted Jewish people or showed any signs of bigotry as a QO student. 

Conte’s radicalism did not stop in high school. When he was a college student at Georgetown University, he spray painted a Swastika on University property, which got him kicked out of the ROTC program. 

Even after the original scandal broke, Conte found himself in more hot water. On March 5, 2018, Conte attended a rally led by Spencer at Michigan State University, where he clashed with protestors. At this rally, Conte was arrested and charged with resisting and obstructing police after being involved with a riot that formed. A few months later in August of 2018, Conte announced he was leaving his position as Director of Operations at the National Policy Institute, leading to the organization as a whole becoming inactive.

Conte’s foray into the alt-right has made him a topic of intrigue throughout Montgomery County, making his way into the classrooms of QO. The current whereabouts of Conte have remained unknown since 2018, yet his unpleasant legacy continues to live on.

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