Given the prolonged health crisis that our nation is experiencing, Montgomery College will implement COVID-19 vaccination requirements for faculty, staff, administrators, and students. All employees must verify that they are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus by November 8, 2021. Students must verify that they are fully vaccinated by January 7, 2022, in time for the spring semester.

Students who do not submit verification of their vaccination will be required to apply for a medical or religious exception. Students with these two exceptions will be required to be tested weekly for coronavirus and submit their results to access onsite classes and services.

Employees who do not submit verification of their vaccination will be required to apply for a medical or religious exception to Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management (HRSTM). If approved, the employee will be required to test weekly for coronavirus and submit the results to HRSTM. 

In addition, the 100 percent return-to-campus date for MC employees will now also be November 8, 2021, instead of October 4, 2021, as previously planned. Because of the impacts of the delta variant, it is prudent to match the return date with the vaccination verification date. Until November 8, 2021, we will continue the current plan requiring a minimum of two days per week onsite work.  

“If students and employees embrace a vaccination requirement, we will strengthen the safety of our campuses and their homes and the communities in which they live,” Montgomery College Interim President Dr. Charlene Dukes said.

Information on how to submit vaccination verification or exception requests will be announced by October 15. For questions or to learn more about vaccinations, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID vaccine information, and check the College’s COVID-19 webpages for updates. You may also send questions to


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