Feed the Fridge, a food program providing free meals to people in need has moved to Takoma Park, Maryland.

Restaurateur Mark Bucher, co-owner of Median Rare restaurants launched Feed the Fridge last year to help alleviate food insecurity during the pandemic. The program placed its first Maryland refrigerator at the Takoma Park Recreation Center.

“We are so happy to have Feed the Fridge here in our community,” said Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart. Takoma Park is one of the areas in Montgomery County where food insecurity has remained a prevalent issue during the pandemic.

The refrigerator at the recreation center is available to anyone who needs a meal. There are no lines and no monitoring. Just a fresh, healthy meal that you can grab and go. “They can just walk up to the fridge and get restaurant prepared meals. No questions asked,” said Mayor Stewart.

Bucher said Feed the Fridge also plans to install refrigerators at Montgomery County public schools to address the need for healthy meals for students. “We are here for the county,” said Bucher. “We are not going anywhere.”

Feed the Fridge has 19 refrigerators located throughout the DC-metro area. The program is a volunteer-based organization that pays local restaurants to fill their refrigerators with quality meals.

All refrigerators are properly sanitized then stocked with up to 100 meals every day. Each meal is made with a nutritional standard of one-third protein, one-third carbohydrates and one-third produce.

Feed the Fridge will also start providing meal kits once a week. The kits will include the ingredients to make meals, cooking utensils and an instructional video in both English and Spanish. Their goal is to teach people how to cook, how to shop for healthy food and how to repurpose leftovers.

“You can give the person the fish or teach them how to fish, and we are going to do both,” said Bucher.

Feed the Fridge is working to continue expanding across the state and eventually the country. Their goal is to deliver over 500,000 meals prepared by local restaurants by the end of the year.

“I’m proud to be part of the fabric that holds us all together,” said Bucher.

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