By Kathleen Stubbs    @kathleenstubbs3

ROCKVILLE — Patients who seek to purchase medical marijuana will be able to do so in Rockville, perhaps in 2019.

People driving on Hungerford Drive may notice a sign for “Sugarloaf Wellness Center” near Mannakee Street. The property owner has permits from the City of Rockville for the space to function as a medical marijuana dispensary. The incoming business will be located next to China Canteen restaurant, around the corner from the Montgomery County Public Schools Carver Educational Services Center.

Sugarloaf Wellness Center’s owner did not return a phone call before deadline.

Deane Mellander, a City of Rockville zoning administrator, said the city approves permit requests for marijuana dispensaries based on regulations passed by the state of Maryland.

“The state established a commission a couple of years ago to formulate the regulations and guidelines for medical marijuana production and distribution and issued a long set of specifications, and we basically created a zoning interpretation based on those regulations that the state promulgated,” Mellander said.

Mellander said Sugarloaf Wellness would not be the first marijuana dispensary to apply to be located in Rockville.

Phone calls to the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, which issues medical marijuana dispensary licenses, were not returned before press time.

In general, Rockville zoning employees would treat permit applications for marijuana dispensaries the same as they would deal with drugstores and pharmacies, Mellander said. However, he did not oversee approval of the permits for Sugarloaf Wellness Center.

The MMCC pre-approved 102 applicants for dispensary licenses, but many of those companies have more steps in the application process they must complete before receiving a dispensary license, according to a post on the MMCC website dated Sept. 27.

Passersby might see several permits from the City of Rockville taped to the front windows of the building where the dispensary will go, including a permit to use the space to sell medical marijuana. The name listed on the marijuana center permit is Sugarloaf Wellness Center. However, other permits taped to the window list Allen & Rocks Inc., as the manager, on behalf of a company named Rockville Joint Venture A, LC.

Allen & Rocks, Inc., a property management company, manages the property where the dispensary will be located, according to a woman who answered the phone at Allen & Rocks Wednesday.

The Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation has a business listed as Rockville Joint Venture A, LC, and the listing indicates that it is in good standing with the state. The business has an address, but its address is occupied by Ivy Club Apartments, which Allen & Rocks Inc. manages.

Phone calls to the entity listed as a resident agent of Allen & Rocks Inc. connected to Ivy Club Apartments, which are managed by Allen & Rocks Inc.


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