ROCKVILLE – Montgomery County Police (MCP) confirm reports of an internal investigation of a possible crime on one of their officers but did not give further details.  

Spokesperson Capt. Tom Jordan confirmed the internal investigation is ongoing after a county officer is alleged of stealing department property, though he did not confirm or deny if the allegations involved theft. 

“There’s an ongoing investigation, and unfortunately, we can’t comment on it,” Jordan said.

As of Oct. 7, MCP filed no charges against the officer and so no charging documents were filed in court. Jordan said he could not provide the details of the criminal investigation. The department placed the accused officer on leave, as is customary for investigations of officers. Jordan did not specify when the department placed the officer on leave. 

Jordan said the department will investigate the allegations despite it being their officer because looking into reported criminal offenses, including allegations against an officer, is part of MCP’s job. The officer’s name was not released as he has not been charged with a crime. 

Local media outlet WJLA Channel 7 reported that MCP confiscated firearms from the officer’s home during the investigation, citing an internal report from Frederick County Police. However, Jordan said he could not comment if the seizure of guns had occurred. Phone calls to the Frederick County Police Department were not returned before deadline. 

The Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office is aware of the allegations but cannot comment at this time, public relations spokesperson Ramon Korionoff said. 

“We can neither confirm nor deny that such an investigation exists at this point,” Korionoff said. “Once there are charging documents and something has been filed in court, if something gets filed in the court, we’ll certainly let you know at that time.”

The investigation against the MCP officer represents one of a couple of instances of county officers facing allegations of misconduct on the job during the past year. In one instance, a white Silver Spring police officer was captured on video in the spring using a racial slur while talking with two black men in White Oak. Since then, MCP put the officer on desk duty. The encounter was documented on a witness smartphone and officer-worn body camera footage. In July, MCP put Officer Kevin Morris on suspension for the way he handled an arrest in Aspen Hill, which received public scrutiny. 

Days later, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy and Acting MCP Chief Marcus Jones announced that prosecutors were charging Morris with second-degree assault and misconduct in office. The officer was restraining a suspect lying on the ground when he slammed the suspect’s head to the ground with his knee; the incident was captured on video. Police arrested and charged the suspect, identified as 18-year-old Arnaldo Pesoa, possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance, resisting and interfering with his arrest and second-degree assault.

“It’s a sad day when Marcus and I have to stand here and charge a Montgomery County Police Officer,” McCarthy said during the press conference back in July. 


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