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By Violette Akpona @violetteeee_

The Montgomery County Board of Education issued a press release on Tuesday, that they have selected Board member and Silver Spring resident Shebra Evans to preside as president and fellow Board member Patricia O’Neill as vice president. Both will serve in their respective offices for a one-year term on the board.

Prior to this selection, Evans served the board as vice president, in which she was elected in 2016 for her first four-year term. She has also been a member of the Board’s Fiscal Management Committee the past year, and currently serves the Maryland Association of Boards of Education Resolution Committee, and Policies and Procedures Committees.

With the 163,000 plus students in Montgomery County, Evans stated that she is “honored to be chosen” by her peers for this position and is looking forward to ensuring all students “receive a world-class education” in order to aid them in reaching their fullest potential. Evans said she plans to achieve this by “working closely with her colleagues, the leadership in Montgomery County Public Schools, the County Council, and the County Executive.”

Evans obtained a degree in Economics and Finance from Tennessee State University and currently has two children attending MCPS schools.

O’Neill, who resides in Bethesda, is the longest serving member of the Board. She has served the board several times as president and vice president. This past year, she has been serving as the chair of the Policy Management Committee.

Along with these positions, O’Neill has also served various other positions in her career. She has been involved as president of the Maryland Association Boards of Education (MABE), as well as co-chair of the Washington Area Boars of Education. In recognition of her exemplary service locally and at a state level, she was awarded by the MABE the Charles A. Willis Award in 2009. Her other advisory committee roles in education-related issues include the Maryland Blue Ribbon Panel on Teen Pregnancy, and the Maryland Comparable HAS task force.

Before joining the Board, O’Neill served numerous volunteer and leadership roles in the Walt Whitman Cluster PTA. O’Neill who is a graduate of Walter Johnson High School, obtained a degree in social science from Southern Methodist University. She has two daughters who have graduated from MCPS schools as well.

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