ROCKVILLE – A 16-year-old boy faces criminal charges including possession of a controlled dangerous substance and weapon charges including possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking crime.

Montgomery County Police (MCP) announced on Oct. 2 that officers arrested Christopher Ritter-Lucas, 16, in connection with the charges, as well as knowingly changing a firearm identification number. MCP received a call from an employee at the Target store located at 20908 Frederick Avenue in Germantown on Sept. 27 that two teenagers were trespassing. 

District 5 Police responded to the scene of the incident at 3:50 p.m. An officer told Ritter-Lucas and another 16-year-old suspect that were trespassing and began having a separate conversation on a different subject with Ritter-Lucas. 

The two started to leave the scene on foot, and police pursued them. MCP gained possession of Ritter-Lucas’ backpack and found it contained marijuana as well as a gun. Police officials did not include the quantity of marijuana found and did not issue a photo of the first suspect, even though he faces adult charges because he is under age 18. The other 16-year-old suspect will be tried in the juvenile court system, according to officials. 

Ritter-Lucas admitted in a police interview that he and the other teen went to the restroom at the store to complete a drug transaction. Police charged the second suspect as a juvenile with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and with obstructing and hindering. MCP then released the unnamed suspect to the custody of a guardian.

“I am very proud of the response of our officers,” said Fifth District Commander Mark Plazinski of the arrest. “They were able to apprehend these juvenile offenders, one who was armed with a handgun, without injuries to any resident, officer or the offenders. Their efforts reflect positively on the police department.” 

Ritter-Lucas’ family posted bond for him on Sept. 30, according to court documents. The court scheduled Ritter-Lucas for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 11 at District Court for Montgomery County in Rockville.  

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