“The country would be better served, if we allowed both people to speak with fewer interruptions.” Chris Wallace’s words set the tone for the first presidential debate. As I watched the two candidates interrupt each other over and over, one question came to mind: if either of the candidates were a woman, would they be able to act this way? I believe the answer is no. If a woman were running for president and acted the way that Trump and Biden did, she would be seen as unelectable. People would say that she was too emotional or “hysterical” and would never be able to handle the presidency. We hold men to such a different standard than women, we applaud men for things that women are expected to do, we need to hold both men and women to the same expectations.

Why is it that we allow men running for the highest office in the United States to act like children? We as the American people need to hold our leaders accountable. The mess of a debate was the exact opposite of what should be expected from someone running for president. This debate shed light on the low expectations we put on men in this country. Men, especially our leaders, should be expected to behave like the adults they are.

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