73 million voters voted for Donald J. Trump in the 2020 presidential election. That huge turnout was primarily for Trump and not necessarily for Republicans. For that reason, regardless of any potential candidate endorsement by Trump, because Trump is not on the January 5th Georgia ballot, do not expect a large turnout for inside traders and U.S. Senators David Purdue or Kelly Loeffler during that January 5th senate runoff election in Georgia. (Note to Martha Stewart: be angry!)

On the other hand, the historic turnout that put Joe Biden in the White House included voters turning out to rid this country of Trump but also for a rejection of the current stagnation in Washington under Trump and his chief enabler Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Accordingly, I am convinced that there will be a large voter turnout for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock by Georgia voters so that we, whether in Georgia or across the nation, can see pandemic relief legislation, Supreme Court reform, adding the two new states of D.C. and Puerto Rico, universal background checks, protection for preexisting conditions, pathway to citizenship, campaign finance reform, mandatory release of tax returns for candidates, voting rights protection, addressing the need to level the field a bit regarding income inequality, prison reform to end for profit prisons and so, so much more that will never make it off of McConnell's desk as long as the Republicans remain in the majority in the Senate.

The Georgia runoff election has to be made not about Purdue and Loeffler but, rather and so much more importantly, about Mitch McConnell similarly to how Republicans are relentless in making just about every local election about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi no matter how unfounded their portrayal of her is. Running against McConnell in Georgia and all the obstructionism he represents will and must be the motivator for large voter turnout to turn the Senate blue.

Oh, and a note on Donald J. Trump. For those concerned that Trump may be serious about another run in 2024, don't be. He will never risk another losing election especially for a job he never really wanted other than to wear the title. What he wants now is to remain relevant and keep his hold on Republicans. However, if he doesn't tone down his relentless disruption and undermining of the new administration, he may force President Joseph R. Biden's hand to move on the Mueller obstruction indictments just to take trump out of the picture all together. One can hope.

Remember, Volume II of the Mueller Report – and I did read all 448 pages – made it clear that Trump did commit several instances of obstruction of justice and it was only because of the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel's 1970's opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted that Trump wasn't. Well, guess what? As of January 20th at 12:00 noon, Donald J. Trump will no longer be a sitting president. Word to the wise, or in this case, word to the very unwise, namely Donald Trump: Don't think you will be able to spend your post-presidential day's undermining the Biden administration as you spent your pre-presidential days undermining the Obama administration with your birtherism nonsense. There may very well be a price to pay this time around.

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