To all those Trumpsters who, over the last five years, said to me "if you don't respect the individual you still have to respect the office" I now say "does your leader have one iota of respect for the office he has held for the last four years?"

The answer is NO as he continues to put his own fragile ego above the welfare of this country. Whether it be his politicization of mask wearing to his forcing out Pentagon leadership to more easily effect a campaign promise in the last weeks of his presidency to bring troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq even without a thought out strategy to ensure stable governments in each and, in so doing, compound the foreign policy challenges of the incoming administration, Donald J. Trump never ever considers the implications on Americans of his self-serving decisions.

His historic denial of his election defeat and resistance to a smooth transition to the incoming administration may be his most irresponsible act among the myriad of irresponsible acts littered throughout his presidency. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic made all the worse here at home by his historic mishandling, Trump's failure to accept defeat and facilitate the transition jeopardizes a more timely and effective response to containing the pandemic and distributing vaccines by the new administration. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, delays in a presidential transition puts our national security at risk as the delay in George W. Bush transitioning due to the 2000 Florida recount contributed to the 9/11 attack.

You know who does have respect for the office of president? Every single previous president to hold and leave the office including Barack Obama who, despite Trump's undermining his presidency with Trump's "birtherism" nonsense, welcomed Trump to the White House the day after the 2016 election to begin the transition process.

You know who else respects the office of the president? Hillary Clinton who, despite being subjected to the ugliest campaign attacks - “Lock her up, lock her up” - showed up at Trump's inauguration out of respect for the office. You know who will not show up at President Joseph R. Biden's inauguration out of respect for the office of president? Donald J. Trump.

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