Dear Editor,

We all want to see the Chesapeake Bay thrive -- However, it’s been plagued with pollution for years, destroying the beauty and diversity that it once had. Luckily, a bill called The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act has been introduced in Congress, and we want Rep. Raskin to support it in order for us to ban unnecessary single-use plastics that inevitably end up in the Bay.

I am a student at the University of Maryland who originally grew up in Rhode Island, where we have our very own estuary, the Narragansett Bay. We’re lucky enough to have a dedicated volunteer organization that helps clean up the pollution, but it’s just not enough. Plastic keeps polluting the bay and the sea life around it, and scrambling to clean up what plastic we can isn’t doing enough. We need a preventative law in place, so the plastic doesn’t end up there in the first place.

While The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act is legislation for the national scale, its passage would have a special impact on Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay has previously been a pristine body of water, with an incredible diversity of life. By banning some single-use plastics, and holding corporate polluters responsible for their shortcomings, we can save this national treasure. We need Rep. Raskin to sign on to support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, for the sake of creating a healthier future for Marylanders.

-Alivia Saunders

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