It’s hard not thinking Montgomery County isn’t letting its elderly residents down. Arlington is allowing residents aged 65 and older to register for a shot and DC is allowing that group to register for a shot. While PG isn’t administering vaccines to those aged 65 and older, its website notes that those residents can starting January 25th and it’s at least vaccinating residents aged over 74. Meanwhile, Montgomery County isn’t even vaccinating persons aged over 74 yet and it refuses to even suggest when those over 64 may be able to register.

What makes it more galling is that the County has issued a press release complaining it only gets two to three days notice on how many doses it’s receiving, as if the timing of information somehow interferes with its ability to meet the schedule the governor described. It has also seen fit to compare the number of doses it has received so far with the total number that will EVER qualify for the vaccine, as if that preposterous comparison has any meaning.

The County needs to play it straight with its residents. Like DC, it should publish how many doses are available for the week when it receives the information and, if it intends not to abide by the commitments made by the governor, it needs to explain that to us. Given that it’s tied for the highest county income tax rate in the state, not doing so betrays an arrogance that voters would do well to remember.

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