What has Trump done? If you help determine what your followers do and think for years and pick an appropriate date for an insurrection and know what they will do, whipping them up that day not saying precisely what to do, have you incited them? It must not be repeated— Trump must be convicted to safeguard our democracy. His four years are a moral crime against our cherished democracy and constitution culminating in the insurrection.

The republican senators have handed their party over to him like spineless sycophants groveling before him. For this man they would give up democracy. They deserve to live in fear under a tyrant.

The people who voted for him pretend to be citizens and disgrace the rights and freedoms given to them. If we can’t trust our fellow citizens to vote reasonably, we are in the process of losing our democracy. The republicans need good, responsible leaders. Basically a democracy depends on good leaders for those who do not think for themselves.

So a message should be sent by convicting him. There must be a reckoning for his followers and a good precedent set. We need good leaders to step in and guide those who are followers. Democracy does not survive without them.

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