I am a native born “DC-EN” and a retired NASA engineer. I am not surprised that the students protested.

Trump and some of his followers campaigned on the worst of the worst in negativity. And in my view the students were exercising their rights, and maybe, the marches and the follow-out may be a lessen in “Civics”.

Good job kids. Unfortunately Trump will be our next president. Lets hope that he has the best interest of the Country in mind. I am suspect of this Republican Party.

J. Wolff, Jr.


Get those letter writers off my lawn!

To the editor;

It is no surprise a number of MoCo taxpaying residents are hateful or opinionated people. Let their reasons for living with their discriminations unfold when people talk of someone that died.

Senior high school students are defining their vocational future and how to form partnerships as adults. There is no respect for a person(s) who is enraged with contempt onto students who are thinking and feel left out by elected leaders (“Get those kids off my front lawn!” Sentinel, Nov.7, 2016 letter from a Montgomery County resident).

The letter writer continues to berate the mainstream media cutting factual journalism down as racist like the Democratic Party is bigoted and the Republican Party obviously is no more obtuse.

People with visions and expectations are relocating to MoCo. They will bring cultural traditions to old and new neighborhoods. Arrivals have vetted employment and others have ways to find jobs, pay taxes and vote in county, city, state and national elections. We believe voting will make inclusion the consent of the majority.

The city of Rockville welcomes people of colorful faiths to achieve something and educate school children to believe democratic representation makes life matter and must be done with charity from all.

Montgomery County Chief of Police, J. Thomas Manger graduated from Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland. The Montgomery County police will bring vandalism and hate crime to justice.

J. Martinelli

Blair High School 1955

Moore about Ficker – and Ficker about Moore

To the editor;

In, “Ficker surprised by size of term limit win,” Tom Moore doesn’t believe that the term limit win was driven by “vast deep voter anger.” I beg to differ, Mr. Moore.

I am incensed that Ike Leggett was never held accountable for the Silver Spring bus station fiasco. I am angry that my property taxes keep increasing for the same level of service.

I am very unhappy that our Montgomery County leaders chose to flaunt the rule of law by labelling the county as a “sanctuary county.”

I am not pleased that my taxes go to support people in our country illegally.

And finally, I firmly believe that term limits are a good thing at all levels of government from the President on down. It is very telling that Ike and the entire Council opposed term limits.

They wanted to keep their cush jobs. Well, now they have to try to get the jobs back, if they like, once they sit out a term. And I like it.

R. Glatfelter

Silver Spring

editor’s note: While we would agree there was an under current of voter anger unseen by those in office, we would disagree on a couple of other points you make.

First, working as a representative is not a “cushy job”. All of our elected officials, agree or disagree with them, do work quite hard in our estimation and we witness their activity first hand.

Secondly, we have opposed term limits in favor of a more vigorous electorate. In other words, we’d like to see more people voting. We believe that would clear up most problems. But we do value your cogent opinion.


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