Voting against Democrats


To the editor;

I am a Chinese immigrant and have been the supporter of the Democrat Party since I got my U.S. citizenship.  I have voted for Mr. Van Hollen for several terms in Congress but not this year as he runs for U.S. Senate, and not anymore.  My family and I have had enough from the Democrat Party. We have had enough injustice and unfairness from the Democrat leaders in government at all levels. The last straw was a car accident that my father was involved with an illegal immigrant last December. That illegal immigrant apparently ran a red light and severely damaged my father’s car. Despite much evidence that we had to prove her fault the local police department refused to investigate the case. On the contrary, they were protecting her. As a result my father was not able to get any compensation from her. 

When we shared our story with others we found that what we experienced was just a tip of an iceberg. If people have accidents with illegal immigrants there is no way for the victims to get any compensation from the violators because illegal immigrants are protected by the Democratic leaders in Montgomery County, in Congress and the White House. They are like “super” citizens in Montgomery County!  We need law and order. Therefore I call all my fellow Chinese Americans to vote for the Republican Party – Kathy Szeliga for Senate and Donald Trump for President.  I am proud of becoming a “deplorable and irredeemable Republican”. Let’s Make America Great Again!

H. Li



Groping with Donald Trump


To the editor;

At many Trump rallies, you hear the chant : Lock Her Up” referring to Hillary.If any one should be in jail, it’s Trump!

Trump freely admits that when he sees an attractive woman, he wants to kiss, grope and possibly have sex with them all without their consent. If other men did that they would be arrested and put in jail for sexual assault. Most women don’t report the crime and in the case of Trump, he would just deny it. knowing his aggresive attorneys would take care of the issue.

If anyone should be in jail, it’s Trump!

J. Marrinan



Tear down this Wall! I mean statue


To the editor;

The German and Japanese warriors who waged World War II were very competent. As for their leaders, their generals and admirals ranged from the merely good to the exceptionally able; today military historians study General Rommel, Admiral Donitz and Admiral Yamamoto.  If these warriors had been less able and fought less well, fewer American soldiers and sailors would have been lost. And I do not doubt that these warriors led virtuous personal lives; they were good citizens, good husbands and good parents. But they were all on the wrong side of history and there are few if any publicly displayed statues of them anywhere in the United States.  

Similarly, many of the warriors who fought in the American Civil War for the Confederacy were also very able.  But that ability also cost the United States dearly.  The skill of the Confederate warriors prolonged the war; the Union and Confederacy armies both lost more men and there was additional collateral damage. But in public places in the United States, there are many statues of these warriors.

The Confederate warriors were also on the wrong side of history. Confederate warriors’ military strategies should be studied but their statues should be removed from public display.  

In addition, the warriors fought for the institution of slavery and the African-American community views reverence for them as nostalgia for slavery. More broadly, the warriors should no longer be revered.

W. H. Friedman



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