Crossing the Jewish Rubicon


To the editor;

I have written before about the seemingly delusional weekly columns by the Sentinel’s Paul Schwartz.  His latest, “A bid of ‘No Trump” beats Trump every time” however reaches new heights. 

It’s a given Schwartz is a flaming liberal apologist for America.  But Schwartz’s inability, for example, to casually admit that Mrs. Clinton did anything wrong with her e-mails, including the hundreds that were marked classified is astounding.  Even after Schwartz babbles on about his former security clearance and how he treated classified information like, “it was the most fragile piece of crystal; we had it placed in clearly marked folders and hand-carried to the next party for review. Use email to transmit sensitive information? Never!”.  Schwartz’s bottom line? Leave Hillary alone and focus on tightening agency rules for identifying AND handling sensitive information.  Yikes.  But I digress. 

As a fellow Jew, Schwartz crosses into territory where there is no return.  He makes the fateful mistake of comparing GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler for their tactics in their quest for power.  It is an unforgiving and highly ignorant comparison.  Frankly comparing anyone to Hitler save Josef Stalin or Mao Tse-tung is a desperate action, no matter how you spin it.  Schwartz should be given a column writing time-out by the Sentinel’s Jewish owners.  He should also be forced to do an all-day refresher visit to the Holocaust Museum in DC to reacquaint himself with our collective Jewish nightmare which was Hitler and the Nazis.

B. Botwin




Angry cats


To the editor;

We cats resent being exploited by disgruntled and crabby supporters of degenerate presidential candidates (“The Donald 47 years later,” 7/21/16) using our litter box poop to throw at themselves with childish temper tantrums.



editor’s note: Felix- as a cat you are a wonderful, wonderful cat.



Term limits and sissies


To the editor;

Your “Term limits are for sissies” was a truffle too much. Term limits are metaphors—figures of speech like musical chairs—someone gets dumped without a seat. The merry-go-round spear that missed the ring stopped the music.

 More to your point. Elections determine term limits. Citizens who do not vote strike-out.  Disgruntled? Email complaints.  That is why there is freedom of speech.

J. Martinelli




You can’t handle the truth!


To the editor;

Your  cartoonist needs a lesson in civics. He obviously doesn’t understand Pokemon or the county council.

He also obviously has a bias against government of any kind and thinks that making fun of government is funny.

You can’t compare people on the council to characters on Pokemon.

If your cartonist understands this at all he would portray the members of the council as characters in Sponge Bob Square Pants or members of Looney Tunes.

Then I’d know he understands politics.

B. Spruell



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