Green said she felt pleased with her race Saturday as her season goal was qualifying for the Foot Locker National Championship.

“I knew I would be satisfied no matter what if I had made it to Foot Locker,” Green said. If her race went well, it would be “a cherry on top.”

She finished sixth of 11 runners from the northeast region.

“I was happy with how my season ended,” Green said.

Walter Johnson Head Coach Tom Martin said the Bethesda junior “worked hard” to achieve her level of success, noting Green “trains by herself from the team most of the time.”

The northeast team’s top four, including two Maryland runners, finished in a 0.9-second spread:

·         Patuxent senior Hayley Jackson of Calvert County led the team and finished eighth (17:49.7 minutes)

·         Natick sophomore Grace Connolly of Massachusetts placed ninth (17:50 minutes)

·         Annapolis senior Maria Coffin of Annapolis finished 10th (17:50.2 minutes)

·         Exeter junior Jackie Gaughan of New Hampshire finished 11th (17:50.6 minutes)

Mainland Regional junior Alyssa Aldridge of New Jersey (17:55.2 minutes) placed 13th.

Green, 4A state runner up, finished 12 seconds behind the Northeast’s top five, all of whom won state-level championships this season.

This included the other two Maryland girls: Coffin beat Green to win the 4A state championship and Jackson is Maryland’s 2A state champion.

Together the northeast region team members took second place of five regional teams with a score of 59 points; the south region runners placed first with 39 points.

Green said she believed Saturday’s race went better for her than the regional qualifier in New York City two weeks ago because she prepared better for that meet.

Having the opportunity to jog the entire course Friday helped her strategize how to use her energy effectively.

“I was paying attention to the little up-hills and down-hills… (and) paying attention to areas where I might do well and others might not do well,” Green said

She said she then determined that the time she should hit for the first mile would be faster than her average pace and her second mile would be slower than average pace.

On race day, “I went out a little more conservative so I would have something left at the end,” Green said.

Green is the second Lady Wildcat and second female county runner to qualify for Foot Locker Nationals in cross country.

Sally Glynn, a member of the last WJ four-time state championship team before Green’s, raced in the Foot Locker championship in 1994. That was two years before Martin started coaching at the school.



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