Last week, several of Maryland’s home energy programs hosted a Power in the Park event to help local residents learn about sustainable energy and ways to make utility bills more affordable.

The event took place in New Hampshire Estates Neighborhood Park with free gifts, food and flag football for children. Maryland State Del. Lorig Charkoudian (D-Montgomery) and Maryland Public Service Commission Chairman Jason Stanek was also in attendance.

Del. Charkoudian kicked off Power in the Park saying the event offered, “opportunities to deal with issues that you might have with your utility bills, opportunities to get aid if you need assistance paying those bills, and just generally finding out what you can do with energy to save the planet, save yourselves money.”

Residents heard presentations from several of Maryland’s energy organizations:

Representatives from each organization spoke briefly about programs available to Maryland residents and Montgomery County residents. Some organizations offer services at no additional cost. Others are income based including those offered by the Limited Income Energy Efficiency Programs and the Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs.

No matter their income, Maryland residents have the opportunity to get involved with clean energy, especially solar which can contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower utility costs, and reduced demand on the utility grid.

Solar United Neighbors is a non-profit organization offering Maryland residents with an electric bill the opportunity to join a community solar project. Community solar allows residents to benefit from solar energy without putting panels on their roofs.

Instead individuals or businesses can subscribe to a “share” of the project and even receive a credit on their monthly electric bill for the energy produced by that share if their utility company is part of a community solar project.

Kim Armstrong, a Baltimore resident and representative of Solar United Neighbors, is part of a community solar project. “I’ve been in my house for 23 years and BGE has never sent me a check until I got solar. Being part of clean energy, it also helps you to be more conservative in thinking about how you use your energy in your own home,” said Armstrong.

For more information about local energy programs, transitioning to green energy, helping the environment or saving money on utilities visit


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