By Jalen Wade

BOWIE — Weichert Realtors has recognized two of its top sales associates for the exemplary work they have done during the month of June.

Thomas Alotta, manager of Weicherts Bowie/Tri-County office, commended Willie Rhone-Patterson and Kendricks Gladney for the work they have done in assisting prospective homebuyers in the Prince George’s County area.

Patterson has been a leader in sales units as well as Dollar Volume. Gladney had the most listings of all associates in the Bowie/Tri-County office during the past month.

Alotta was immensely pleased with all of the work his two associates have done.

“It’s an outstanding feeling and let me tell you why, these two, one has been in the business 30 years (Patterson) and has been doing this at a top-level. The other (Gladney) is a newer agent who is starting to come of his own and learning to things through Weichert Realtors which is to provide and help people achieve their goal whether of homeownership or move up or downsize,” said Alotta.

There have been a lot of sales going on as, according to Alotta and Gladney, the housing market in Prince Georges County is doing “outstanding.” In the current market, both buyers and sellers are doing phenomenally well. A reason for this Alotta attributed to the fact that more people want to live in Prince George’s are now than before. It is full of people either looking to downsize or upscale their living situation.

“The prices are still affordable in Prince George’s County. There are great programs from the county and the state to provide down assistance and payment assistance both in the form of grants with low interest or no loans,” said Alotta.

In addition to reasonable housing costs, Prince George’s County has become a sought-after place to live due to social reasons as well. Alotta, who is a Prince George’s native, described the county as a great place to live due to the many amenities and demographics that are within Prince George’s. He said that people of different incomes and financial statuses are living together in many “closely-knit communities.”

This increased housing market has also led to an increase in people that Weichert needs to assist with the buying process. According to Gladney, home buying is a subject that a lot of people are not too knowledgeable about or know how to proceed with the process. It is the job of Gladney and associates like him to provide information on the home buying process.

In addition to informing people of home buying, the people at Weichert also take the time to sit people down to walk them through each part of the home buying process, said Gladney. This is from the day they meet with an agent to home settlement and beyond.

Guiding residents through home buying is not the only service that Weichert has provided for the community. They have done a variety of charity events to assist with providing homes in the communities.

“Beyond just buying and selling, we also help by participating in charitable events such as Christmas in April, we just raised money for breast cancer awareness,” said Alotta. “We just had a community yard sale were every bit earned goes to breast cancer awareness.”

Gladney says he is proud of the work that he and his colleagues do and happy with the recognition.

“It’s a great feeling, it’s just hard work,” said Gladney, “It entails helping others to achieve a goal. To help them monitor the property to get the most out of their investment.

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