In spite of some of the most controversial and highly publicized news topics involving the unjustifiable behavior of police officers in various states, the actions of some certainly do not disqualify all officers the right to carry a badge and gun in the name of law enforcement.

Surely, many of us may have had some friendly or unfriendly encounters with the police. I have had my share of encounters, mainly friendly and cordial, considering I am a neighborhood watch person.

However, there was one time when one of those encounters resulted in a very scary and negative scenario. Once when my daughter was 12-years-old, she called the police, unbeknownst to me. I had been crying as a result of grieving the deaths of several close friends. It was that last call from a relative that made me yell out loud, “I can’t take it anymore!”

Within a few minutes of trying to settle my spirit, there’s a knock at my front door and there stood an officer asking me if everything was ok. I answered yes, wondering who had summoned him to my home. Suddenly, my daughter admitted she had, based on what she had been taught in school. To her, my crying indicated “trouble” considering she had never seen me so sad. The officer offered some positive words of encouragement and left. Prior to him leaving, another officer pulled up.

Based on the look on his face, I could tell he was angry and wanted some action. My assumption was right. Before I could count to 10, he was convincing the other officer to demand that I go to the hospital for an evaluation. I could not believe what I was hearing or witnessing, all from grieving several close friends’ deaths.

I prayed and submitted to his orders. Fortunately, everything turned out good on my evaluation. Afterwards, I still felt uncomfortable with how quickly things had gone from good to bad. As a social activist, I immediately shared my experience with the chief of police. The chief, along with another high-ranking official, did their best to rectify the matter by assuring me they would correct any wrongdoing on the officer’s part. They both made good on their word. As a law-abiding citizen, I appreciated this very much, to know that I could still put my faith in the good of our law enforcement system.

Unfortunately, others may not see it this way. But for me it is very difficult and scary to imagine a day without the aid of the law enforcement. The actions of a few bad police officers do not mean we lose faith in all.  And, for the sake and safety of society we need a good, strong and healthy law enforcement system.  

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