President Donald Trump (File Photo).

Fraud is a crime. Just ask Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. If fraud is, indeed, a crime, and it is, then how could someone who has continually perpetrated massive fraud throughout his adult life find his way into the oval office as president of the United States?

Our president claims to be a multi-billionaire yet he refuses to release his tax returns as has been done by every president, including former president Richard Nixon, over the last 50 some odd years.

He had claimed throughout his presidential campaign and presidency that he could not release his tax returns because they are under audit even though there is no preclusion by IRS for doing so and he has not even shown any evidence that his tax returns are under an audit.

Could the current fight to not release his returns to the House Finance Committee be because those returns will potentially reveal that he is not as wealthy as he wants the world to believe?

Could it be because those tax returns will reveal dealings with foreign entities that would give credence to the speculation that he has ties to Russia that he would prefer to remain hidden?

Maybe his fight to hide tax returns involves his resolve to prevent the voting public from becoming aware that he has not paid his fair share of taxes. Perhaps all three.

Regardless of which reason he is committed to hiding his taxes from the public, he is hiding those tax returns so as not to reveal that he is a fraud.

Our president claims that he is a genius, that he is “very smart,” and that he went to the “best schools” and that he was at the top of his class at the Wharton School.

Yet, he hides his grades and has threatened the schools he has attended with lawsuits if they reveal his grades. He openly questioned former president Barack Obama’s grades even though Obama, in 1990, was the very first African American elected to head Harvard’s Law Review. If Trump is as “smart” as he would like the public to believe, an easy way to demonstrate that would be to have his grades revealed, not hidden. What do you call such an individual? A fraud!

Our president claims to be a successful businessman, and many voters voted for him because they hoped he would bring that success to the presidency. The reality is, however, that he is a failed businessman as evidenced by his failed ventures.

In 1988, he invested some $245 million in Trump Airlines. Two years later, he defaulted on the loan he needed to purchase the planes and surrendered ownership of the airline to his creditors.

Also in 1988, Trump created “Trump: the Game,” but the game sold only some 800,000 units, less than half the expected number, and was abandoned by 1990, ironically the same year Obama was named head of the Harvard review.

How about Trump the casino magnate? Trump has filed for bankruptcy on his Atlantic City casinos three times. “Trump Magazine” was launched in 2007, but did not survive the financial crisis and folded in 2009. He began “Trump Mortgage” in 2006, but that venture was shut down in 2007 with some $3,555 owed in unpaid taxes.

“Trump Steaks” were sold at the Sharper Image beginning in 2007.

According to Sharper Image CEO, Jerry Levin,  the grand total of steak sales did not exceed $50,000 and were pulled from the shelves after just two months.

Maybe the most famous Trump debacle is “Trump University” which is more famous for the number of class action lawsuits than for useful degrees. Successful businessman or fraud? You choose.

Trump prides himself on being quite the ladies man, yet he has to pay for sex. Just ask Stormy Daniels.

Trump claims he is a good Christian though one who doesn’t attend church services although he did claim his favorite book, even better than the “Art of the Deal,” is the bible. That false claim may suffice for evangelicals; anyone who really does believe in religious values will likely find Trump to be a fraud.

Trump prides himself as the ultimate deal maker, yet it was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi who held her ground during the Trump government shutdown.

Trump is still looking to make a deal with North Korea to denuclearize, yet it was Obama who made the deal to eliminate Iran’s nuclear arsenal and allow formal inspections to ensure compliance. That deal Trump walked away from…a deal we will never see with North Korea as long as the “deal maker” remains in the White House.

Trump portrays himself as a patriot and wears his American flag lapel pin proudly. If only he did not dodge the draft some five times back in the 60s. Ah, those bone spurs. Trump did confess to Howard Stern that his war service during Vietnam consisted of not getting STDs. You decide whether he is a patriotic fraud.

Trump also portrays himself as quite the philanthropist even though he was caught using his foundation money to pay for legal and other personal expenses and which has been, accordingly, shut down. The saying charity begins at home applies to no one better than the members of the Trump family. The epitome of fraud.

Maybe the foremost example of the fraud perpetrated by Trump on the American people concerns his portrayal as an innocent victim of the Mueller investigation. Yet, an innocent man does not refuse to testify to defend himself. Only a fraud does.

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