Prince George's County Climate Action Plan

The Prince George’s County Sierra Club supports the Prince George’s County Climate Action Plan, which is now available at Public comments made during the 30-day public comment period (Nov. 1-Dec 1) will become part of the public record. The full implementation of the plan will require action by the County Council and the County Executive.

 “I believe that Prince George’s County residents want County leadership to establish systems that make it easier for us all to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate,” says Prince George’s Sierra Club Chair, Janet Gingold. “This plan will help our county join the global movement for a more just and sustainable future. With emphasis on health and equity, it details how the County can move toward a just transition to renewable energy and prepare for a future with more excess heat days and more extreme precipitation events.”

The Climate Action Plan includes specific recommendations for

  •       Prudent investments for our children’s future
  •       Safeguards for our health and quality of life
  •       Transparent governance and public participation
  •       Decision-making informed by science and good sense
  •       Equity and inclusion for more just outcomes
  •       A just transition to clean, renewable energy
  •       Increased energy efficiency and reduced waste
  •      Climate-conscious land-use decisions and transportation options to decrease vehicle miles traveled
  •       Nature-based solutions to reduce impacts of excess heat and extreme precipitation
  •       Responsible stewardship of our natural resources and agricultural lands 

The full plan is available at

Find a summary of the plan here

The Sierra Club encourages residents from all over the county to share their ideas about the plan with their friends and neighbors and to submit comments for the public record. Written comments can be submitted through the survey at or by emailing The County also plans to schedule in-person sessions on the draft Climate Action Plan during the comment period.

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