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Maine Marijuana Law Basics

Although Maine voters legalized the use of recreational marijuana at the polls in November 2016, and legalization took effect in January, a veto issued Nov. 3 by Gov. Paul LePage, upheld a few days later by the Maine House, have made it likely that commercial production and retail sales are probably years away. A current statewide moratorium on such sales expires Feb. 1, 2018, but Maine's Legislature reconvenes in January, so the moratorium could either be... Read more

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GOP tax overhaul transfers billions to the one percent of in…

GOP tax overhaul transfers billions to the one percent of income-earners — While Senator Susan Collins hears it from Mainers after 'yes' vote

The GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, slated for passage by a conference committee which only has to iron out the House and Senate language, is a nakedly ruthless bill that analysts overwhelmingly agree would make life harder for working, poor, and middle-class Americans.   The GOP bill would lower the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent, while Americans making $30,000 or less would pay more taxes by 2019, and Americans making $40,000 or less... Read more

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8 Days: Winter folk jams, artsy hang-outs, and charities act…

THURSDAY 7 HELP A CHILD | We’re in the “giving season,” so to speak, a time when it’s also important to remember that not all charities are 100 percent trustworthy and benevolent. If you’re suspicious of the Red Cross or the Salvation Army — organizations that have a shady history of exclusion and mishandling how they distribute their aid — consider smaller groups with clearly defined goals and a highly specific mission. MyLIFESpeaks, a group out of Nashville that’s... Read more

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This brash style of beer is perfect for the onset of winter

As the weather cools, and old man winter blows his frigid breath down my neck, my taste in beer changes. I'm no longer as interested in lighter, fruitier beers. No, I need a beverage with some authority — enough hops to lacquer my tongue, and enough alcohol to make me forget that I won't see the sun until June. That why I'm tasting a more substantial style this month —... Read more

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The Return of the Sin Eater — A revitalized Ted Leo hits Por…

The Return of the Sin Eater — A revitalized Ted Leo hits Portland after new album 'The Hanged Man'

The narrative around Ted Leo’s new record, The Hanged Man, is rooted in resilience, hardship, and change. The longtime New Yorker’s first release without the billing of his revolving door (and sometimes abstract) group the Pharmacists, the album is his first since 2010’s The Brutalist Bricks (though he toured and recorded in a project with Aimee Mann called The Both in 2013-14). It’s also the first since Leo and wife, the designer and educator Jodi... Read more

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Shake That Bowl Full of Jelly

Do you have your stockings and garlands up, but still aren’t feeling the holiday spirit? Let us give you a great way to ring in the season of giving that will also get your heart rate up on a chilly December morning: You may have thought that the 5K circuit was all played out for the year, but there’s one more race, one that combines athleticism and competition with the... Read more

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Kids & Pets

Apples to Oranges

Growing up in Maine, perhaps before even such things as finger-guns were considered a national threat, did you have crabapple fights with your friends in the field out back? Before 9/11 and the War on Terrorism, you could. And the kids down south weren’t excluded. Down there, if you didn’t have a kumquat tree in your backyard, one of your buds did, and those tiny sour oranges were the perfect... Read more

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