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Maryland along with other states in recent years has changed its laws on possession of marijuana, in 2014 making possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana not a crime but subject to a civil citation. The police have long used the distinctive odor of marijuana as grounds to arrest and search suspects or vehicles, […]

One of the crimes that may be charged as a result of participating in crimes such as robbery leading to the death of a victim is “felony murder,” involving the death of a person while the robbery is being committed. Proof of such crimes may depend on the sequence of events, as illustrated by an […]

All too often we hear about crimes of sexual violence where the victim claims that he or she was too intoxicated to consent, and the defendant claims the activity was consensual. How Maryland law addresses this situation was explored in a recent unreported opinion from Maryland’s intermediate appellate Court in the case of Andre Marquis […]

GERMANTOWN—The Upcounty Citizens Advisory Board (UCAB) met to discuss current issues facing the area. The 20-member board represents nearly 18 upcounty communities, including Boyds, Damascus, Gaithersburg and Barnesville, among others. The UCAB members are appointed by the county executive and confirmed by the county council. Members serve three-year terms. The board holds its meetings at […]