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To the editor;

“Congratulations to The Sentinel and its steadfast owners, the Kapiloff family, for holding to their high standard of editorial integrity for many, many years, in the face of ever-increasing challenges for small media companies.

“It was my privilege to work as a rookie reporter at the paper some 48 years ago, under the tough tutelage of its legendary editor, Roger Farquhar.

Trump Broken promises? 

To the editor;

The promise during the campaign by Donald Trump to move the U. S.. embassy finally to Jerusalem reminds me of the words of an old familiar song “We have heard that song before, it’s from an old familiar score”.

Exercising Civil Rights 

To the editor;

I don’t normally read the Sentinel, but today I picked a copy up at the Rockville Senior Center.

I was surprised at some of the vile and inaccurate comments from some readers. I have lived in Rockville since 1959 and watched seven children graduate from Richard Montgomery H.S.

Voting against Democrats   To the editor; I am a Chinese immigrant and have been the supporter of the Democrat Party since I got my U.S. citizenship.  I have voted for Mr. Van Hollen for several terms in Congress but not this year as he runs for U.S. Senate, and not anymore.  My family and […]


Republican voting for Clinton


To the editor;

I am among those Republicans who have re-registered as Unaffiliated.

I was a life-long Republican. I have never voted for a Democrat since first voting in 1972.. This year I will be voting for the Democratic candidates for President, the US Senate, and the US House of Representatives. The Republican nominee for President does not represent conservative, Republican values and is unfit to be President. Yet he has not been repudiated by either the national Republican party nor by most Republican candidates.



Casting his vote for Van Hollen

To the editor;

In what has been a heated and often shocking election season, one thing remains true: we need to elect leaders who get things done. We need to elect people who not only fight for our values, but are willing to compromise when it is in the best interest of Maryland, as well. Chris Van Hollen is the pragmatic leader we need. At the end of the day, he gets it done.

For years, Republicans have tried to stop any and all efforts at progress or compromise. They orchestrated the government shutdown, and even now refuse to grant President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court a hearing, to say nothing about their flagrant refusal to fill the vacancy. In the face of it all, Chris Van Hollen has continued to reach across the aisle to be an effective legislator in Washington.

Robots and the school year?

To the editor;

“OK, robot waitress.  Your first recommendation was the slow baked salmon with lemon and thyme.    I’ll try that.  With the peas and carrots.  By the way, that is a snazzy outfit you’re wearing…. You’re welcome. ”  

In a few years conversations like this will become common.   More broadly, robots will increasingly perform many jobs now performed by humans.   We may expect that the robots generally will first be used to do repetitive physical jobs.   Jobs remaining available to humans will involve greater complexity and skill.  Less skilled humans will have a harder time finding work.   New kinds of human jobs will be created more slowly than traditional jobs disappear.

My opinions versus your facts

To the editor;

When politicians accuse other politicians of corruption, fraud or misrepresentation without factual evidence to support “opinion deception;” those self-serving screwballs create hoaxes to fool gullible people to believe propaganda from politicians dealing marked cards for the blame game are not from the Jokers.

There is no evidence to prove P.T. Barnum said, “Thers a sucker born every minute.”