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Members of the Montgomery County Council called Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R) proposal to expand Interstate 270 a cynical political ploy. Tuesday’s briefing on the proposals to fix traffic congestion on the two roads gave Council members an opportunity to tee off on the governor for what they call an unrealistic and politically-motivated plan to fix […]

GAITHERSBURG — At Monday night’s meeting of Gaithersburg’s Mayor and City Council, Council Vice President Ryan Spiegel identified what he called the top priority for Gaithersburg and all other Maryland municipalities in the current legislative session. Spiegel, who also serves as statewide chair of the legislative committee of the Maryland Municipal League, noted that under a formula set by state law, cities and towns throughout Maryland are entitled to receive funding for roadway restoration and maintenance,

“Unfortunately, that formula was eviscerated by the State of Maryland back in 2009 during the Great Recession,” Spiegel said. “Ever since them, cities and towns have been working to get the state to restore that formula to its rightful equation, because without it, cities and towns are being deprived of the money they need to maintain our roads and other transportation infrastructure.”

Spiegel said that the MML sought public involvement in helping to convince state legislators to restore this funding, known as highway user revenues, or HURs, which is largely funded by state gasoline taxes.

So there I sat, huddled with my wife last night around the hi-def 60” flat screen television watching Carl Sagan’s “Contact,” when my blushing bride turned to me and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we actually did contact another species. It would make all of our troubles seem so small.” She had to tell […]

BETHESDA – Residents and travelers alike got a surprise Tuesday morning as a water main break stopped traffic along Bradley Boulevard.

ROCKVILLE – Advocates of public transit have called out the latest draft of the 10-year Midcounty Corridor Study for not choosing the smartest option to provide a cohesive midcounty highway.

Once the snow melts and the weather warms, a trace of winter still remains: potholes.

ROCKVILLE – Rockville’s nearly 60-year-old business road ordinances are getting an update. Under the new ordinance the city will work to make the streets of Rockville more pedestrian and biker friendly.