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Verizon held three job fairs March 21 to attract beginning network technicians for its FiOS home communications system installations in the company’s busy summer season.

For persons hired, the seasonal job could lead to permanent work, or to callbacks in future summers, said Tina Saputo, a regional recruiting manager based in Basking Ridge, N.J. A manager of last year’s group echoed her statement, noting some who were hired then are still working as network techs, and some will come back to work this summer. For others, the manager said, either the individual or the company found the “fit wasn’t good for this job.”

“The guy who installed your TV and internet? Did you like him? That’s who we’re hiring,” said Nicolas Relacion, a military recruiter for the company based in Wilmington, Del. He added that Verizon has other types of jobs open, and that women were among the applicants at the fair.

GAITHERSBURG – The City Council advanced a controversial proposal to permit Verizon to construct a cell tower at Morris Park over the objections of its most junior member and several city residents.

The council passed a resolution Monday to authorize City Manager Tony Tomasello to immediately execute an agreement with Verizon to construct the tower.

Council Member Robert Wu expressed concern about the lack of information regarding several aspects of the proposal.

“I’ll be frank, I’m vexed, and I have a lot of consternation about the way the Council is handling this issue,” Wu said.

BRADNYWINE – Principal Antron Huff kept the subject of the assembly a secret from the students at Baden Elementary. When the children filed into their auditorium on Wednesday, Dec. 16, they had no idea their school had just received a giant gift.